1) Sound, Voice, Rhythm, and Music (60 Hours)
Theoretical and technical dimensions of musical expression.

2) Psychoacoustic Music: Music-Centered Therapies and Auditory Stimulation Program (60 Hours)
Therapies and Remedies.
Scientific research and applications.

3) Sacred Sound (30 Hours)
Music shamanism, sound ecology, and the transformation of consciousness.

4) Professional Applications (50 Hours)
Sound healing in health centers and healing music production.
ncludes introduction to pathology and counseling techniques.

Certificate Requirements
Students must complete 200 hours of required coursework over a period of one academic year (September through May). Upon completion of the coursework, students are required to submit a final project in order to obtain certification.

CEs Available
Some of the Sound, Voice, and Music in the Healing Arts Certificate classes can be used to fulfill the CE needs of MFTs, RNs and LCSWs.

Policy for Missed Classes and Students from out of town
Please note that students must complete the entire curriculum, which meets at predetermined times throughout the year, in order to receive the certificate of completion. Should a participant miss one or two classes, he or she will have the option of either attending another class offered by CIIS Public Programs & Performances or completing a special project at an additional cost.

If a student misses a class, he or she must make up the class by taking another class that is equivalent of the content in the missed class. The student may take a non-certificate class through Public Programs & Performances at a 15-25 percent discount. In certain cases, the student may find a class elsewhere to fulfill the requirement. All make-up classes must be approved by Silvia Nakkach and the director of Public Programs & Performances. We do everything we can to create solutions for unavoidable schedule conflics, but out of town students must attend most classes locally. It is not possible to complete the program online or remotely.

If you live outside of the Bay Area, please contact the Public Programs & Performances office at (415) 575-6175 to address the details of your particular situation.

Students can accrue 20 hours for an individual project at an extra cost (to cover advisor and other administrative fees).

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