Journal of Holistic Psychology

The Journal of Holistic Psychology, an annual volume dedicated to emergent practice and theory in psychology and psychotherapy, joined with CIIS to collaboratively publish the most forward-thinking, compassionate, and challenging conversations happening in psychology today.

“Rarely does a publication align with a university’s core values as does the Journal of Holistic Psychology with CIIS,” said CIIS President Joseph Subbiondo. “We look forward to an enduring collaboration that will be mutually beneficial in every way.”

Through theme-based volumes that highlight topics reflective of our times, the Journal and CIIS seek to further enrich and extend integral-holistic perspectives in psychology and psychotherapy, while working together to inspire social change, locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Journal and CIIS will publish one volume yearly, including clinical and experiential-based writings and research blended with commentary and essays from top writers, practitioners, researchers and educators worldwide, as CIIS and the Journal share an international following.

The volumes run 250-350 pages, and will expand online through podcasts and other multimedia presentations. The Journal is available in both print and e-book form (buy it on Amazon), select booksellers, and the Journal’s website. The next volume, themed to present a holistic psychology-oriented response to current events, will be available in 2016, to coincide with the United States presidential election.

About the Journal

The Journal is an annual print journal dedicated to offering thought-provoking and action-inviting works from pioneers in the field of holistic psychology, which comprises mindfulness, somatic, integral, Jungian, ecotherapy, transpersonal, dreamwork, expressive arts, drama therapy and other holistically-based psychotherapy modalities. The Journal is a bellwether of holistic studies, the namesake of New York City’s Open Center certificate program in Holistic Psychology. Spotlighting the work of those who guide and represent the leading edge in the next wave of psychotherapeutic approaches, the Journal is anchored within psychology’s lineage as a historical signpost of rising consciousness around the world. The essays and research papers written today serve as a snapshot of the present, a lens on the future, and an archive for the history of consciousness, which each of us writes every day.

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