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Scholarship, Creativity, Self-Inquiry

The focus of the doctoral program in Transformative Studies is to develop thought-leaders who are committed to exploring leading-edge issues in innovative ways that combine scholarship, creativity, and self-inquiry.

The program encourages students to articulate research topics they are passionate about and supports participation in the scholarly discourse through publication. It views academic inquiry as an opportunity for personal and social transformation, grounding transformative processes in academic depth, rigor, and imagination.

The program focuses on the development of the following capacities:

  • Making an original transdisciplinary research contribution in a chosen area of inquiry.
  • Engaging in inquiry as a creative and transformative process in the context of a community of learners.
  • Applying one’s research to real-world problems, articulating and embodying one’s values, and skillfully putting theory into practice.

TID Intensive Dates

Spring 2017: January 19 -24, 2017

Location: Best Western Lighthouse Hotel, Pacifica, CA

Fall 2017: August 24 - 29, 2017

Location: Best Western Lighthouse Hotel, Pacifica, CA

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