Apply for an MA in Transformative Leadership if you are interested in:

  • A creative incubator for new forms of leadership in a rapidly changing world.
  • The exploration of leadership through new ways of being, relating, knowing, and doing.
  • The opportunity to creatively re-invent yourself and how you interact as a leader in a complex world.
  • The perspective that as we change the world we also change ourselves, and as we change ourselves we also change the world.
  • Inspiring transformative movements seeking liberation, social, and environmental justice.
  • A context where students align their approach to leadership with their personal values, capacities, purpose, and action.
  • A rich and supportive online learning cohort community of students and faculty.

In this online program, each semester you will:

  • Begin in a 5-day residency to create and reconnect with faculty and peers
  • Continue in online learning cohort communities in facilitated discussion
  • Engage creatively with transdisciplinary leading-edge and thought-provoking scholarship and literatures
  • Create individual and group projects
  • Work on a capstone project, a showcase for your way of leadership

TID Intensive Dates

Fall 2016: August 25 - 30, 2016

Location: Best Western Lighthouse Hotel, Pacifica, CA

Spring 2017: January 19 -24, 2017

Location: Best Western Lighthouse Hotel, Pacifica, CA

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