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Because our students are prepared to approach questions from multiple perspectives and employ an integral philosophy of health and healing, they are highly sought by regional placement sites, including organizations where they are mentored by our program's alums.

Internships support the development and practice of students' professional skills. Students often work with under-served populations.

We have standing relationships with the sites listed below. Internships are arranged after matriculation, with the help of the Internship Coordinator.

Alameda Health System

Graduate Toni Sicola designed, developed, and now runs this hospital's wellness program. Interns help with wellness fairs and blogs.

Ancestral Apothecary

Faculty member Atava Garcia Swiecicki's small business; interns help collect and process plants, and lead groups.

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic

Interns help with office management at this Oakland clinic that provides CAM services for women with cancer, and may also provide CAM services.

Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine

Interns assist with room setup, moxibustion, and filling herbal prescriptions at this sliding-scale clinic in SF's Dogpatch neighborhood.

Institute on Aging

Interns provide telephone support to older adults in SF, including those on disability or in crisis, and those who want well-being check-ins


At this not-yet-to-market coaching app, interns write content and build a nutrition database

Mercy Housing

Interns provide wellness coaching to the residents of the low-income housing development across the street from CIIS.


Adjunct faculty Laura Putnam asks interns to help with research for her next book.

San Francisco General Hospital

Interns work in the wellness center of the public hospital, greeting participants and supporting outreach.

SF Healthier Living Coalition

As part of this Stanford-developed program, interns are trained to co-lead workshops and provide organizational support to San Francisco residents with health challenges.

Tom Waddell Urban Health Clinic

Interns provide health coaching in a pilot alternative care pain management clinic located in SF's Tenderloin district.


At this SF-based app, interns help compile on-line information for coaches and clients; they also support practice sessions for new coaches. 

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