The ICP Diversity Leadership Scholarship that will be awarded to three eligible students in each Fall semester in the ICP program. This scholarship provides recipients with $10,000.00 each year of the program, a total of $30,000.00 awarded over the course of your ICP education.

The DLS Scholarship is based on the following requirements:  

*Person of color born in the United States - African-American, Latino, Native American/Pacific Islander

*High financial need as shown in FAFSA - Your eligibility regarding need has already been established by our Financial Aid department *

Demonstrates leadership in community and will continue to do so upon graduation.

In order to apply please forward a 1-2 page Addendum describing to the DLS committee the ways in which you have demonstrated leadership in your community and how you will use your ICP education to continue to do so. Please send this to Pauline Reif, Admissions Counselor, at attached as a word document or pdf. Once we review all applicants you'll be notified regarding an interview with the DLS Committee. If you should receive this scholarship, your financial aid rewards package will be updated accordingly. Please let Pauline know if you have any questions regarding this application process and she'll be happy to assist you.

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