Curriculum Overview
This hybrid program (partially in-person and online) consists of two years of coursework (36 units), a 90-hour internship, comprehensive exams, and a dissertation (4-year estimated completion). All students must attend three Academic Residencies (3-4 days of in-person coursework) per semester for two years.

The focus in Year 1 is to build the cohort experience, lay down an intersectional foundation of knowledge including concepts, theory, and methodology. The first year aims to advance student scholarship through critical thinking, creativity, and self-reflection.

The focus in Year 2 is to allow for more focus as students continue to refine their research question, learn more about methodology and theory, and begin their internship. The internship allows students to apply their scholarship and advocacy at an organization or clinic of their choice.

First Year Coursework
Introduction to Human Sexuality (3 units)
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (3 units)
Sexual Theory and Intersectionality (3 units)
Sexual Attitude Re-assessment* (1 unit)
Sexual Function and Practices (3 units)
Problems and Professional Issues in Sexuality (3 units)
Sexuality Policy and Leadership* (3 units)
Sex Therapy Professional Skills* (4 units)

Second Year Coursework
Proseminar 1 and 2 (6 units)
Methodology 1 and 2 (6 units)
Gender and Society (3 units)
Technology, Sexuality and Culture* (3 units)
Sex Education and Learning Theory* (4 units)

Third Year
Comprehensive Exams (0 units)

Fourth Year
Dissertation (0 units)

* Elective course. Students take at least 6 credits in electives from among these options or from other CIIS departments.

Please go to the COURSE DESCRIPTIONS page to see the course details.

Academic Resdency Dates for 2016-2017
Spring 2016:
January 29th - 31st
March 11th - 13th
April 15th - 17th

Fall 2016:
August 26th - 28th
October 14th - 16th
December 2nd - 4th

Spring 2017:
January 20th - 21st
March 17th - 19th
April 28th - 30th

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