Welcome to Writing, Consciousness, and Creative Inquiry. Our department offers the following two MFA programs:


Our programs explore the intersection between artist and society, craft and aesthetics, history and contemporary arts and literature, while valuing all forms of art and all varieties of human experience.

Two years of full-time coursework (48 units) can be accomplished entirely through six intensive weekends per semester, supplemented by (limited) online conferences and opportunities to work one-on-one with faculty mentors. Each degree culminates in a substantial artistic project or book.


Interdisciplinary and Creative Inquiry
We welcome artists of all disciplines (literary, visual, performing, media, and interarts), value the interdisciplinary inquiry inherent within all art-making, and make use of creative modes of inquiry in each program so students grow personally, professionally, and artistically.

Diversity and Personal Goals
Our programs have a rich engagement with diversity of all kinds: a wide-ranging aesthetic, based on a respect for all forms of art and all human experience. Each has a strong curricular structure and, at the same time, a flexibility that allows students to pursue their own priorities.

Our classrooms offer generosity, rigor, and openness, empowering our writers and artists and also challenging them to reflect deeply.

Practice and Profession
We offer individual and group feedback, arts theory and practice, studies in consciousness and creative inquiry, and professional development courses.

Artists and writers can work entirely in their own program and preferred genre, or can take coursework between the two programs, customizing their course of studies to fit their individual needs and interests.

Intensive Weekend MFA Programs for Artists and Writers

We offer our MFA programs in an intensive weekend format. For more information and weekend dates, please see the individual programs.

Weekend Schedule: Students meet for classes 6 weekends per semester.

Academic Calendar Years 2012-2013 and 2013-2014

Fall 2012

Spring 2013

August 24, 25, 26

January 25, 26, 27

September 7, 8, 9

February 8, 9, 10

September 21, 22, 23

February 22, 23, 24

October 12, 13, 14

March 15, 16, 17

November 9, 10, 11

April 5, 6, 7

November 30, December 1, 2

April 26, 27, 28

Fall 2013

Spring 2014

August 23, 24, 25

January 24, 25, 26

September 6, 7, 8

February 7, 8, 9

September 20, 21, 22

February 21, 22, 23

October 11, 12, 13

March 14, 15, 16

November 8, 9, 10

April 4, 5, 6

November 29, 30, December 1

April 25, 26, 27

Hours: Friday 5:30–9:30 pm, Saturday 9 am–9 pm, Sunday 9 am–6 pm.

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