Spring 2017 online applications begin August 30th

Our Bachelor's Degree Completion Program offers a different approach: students from diverse backgrounds, life experiences and fields of interest, co-create a learning community of academic excellence, multi-modal learning and social justice.

The Bachelor's Degree Completion Program at CIIS offers you:

The opportunity to complete your Bachelor's degree within two years or less. The high graduation rates of students, combined with a guaranteed access to courses required for graduation and fixed tuition rate, allow you to save time and money.

Weekend and Hybrid Online Format

A weekend and hybrid online format that enables you to integrate the demands of work and family with your education. The core curriculum is spread over 6 weekends per semester, with Friday evening (6.15pm-9.15pm) and Saturday (9am-9pm) classes. An online learning space ensures that learning, collaboration, and discussions continue in-between the class weekends.

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Small Classroom Size

Small class sizes of 18-22 students that provide the opportunity to learn from and with a diverse, experienced, and engaged student body and to form close relationships and a professional network.

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Individual Academic Advising

Individual academic advising to support you from recruitment to graduation.

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Minor in Critical Pyschology

Critical psychology explores critical perspectives within psychology. It examines the values and assumptions in the field, and highlights the ways in which mainstream psychology has reinforced unjust practices, impacting people in general, and historically marginalized groups in particular. Traditional psychology has historically stopped with its analysis at the level of the person. Any discussion of society is generally related to the individual's functioning in society or how they are affected by society. Critical psychology aims the spotlight away from the individual, to a broader view of the role of systems in designinating what is considered normal/abnormal. It draws heavily from a multifaceted analysis that takes into consideration: society, systems of power, environment, and the role of communities in healing.

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Accelerated BA and MA/MFA Degree

CIIS offers an accelerated BA and MA/MFA degree track. This track offers admitted students the opportunity to simultaneously complete units toward their BA and MA/MFA degree in one of five graduate degree programs: Anthropology & Social Change (MA)Creative Inquiry, Interdisciplinary Arts (MFA)East-West Psychology (MA),  Writing and Consciousness (MFA), and Women, Gender, Spirituality, and Social Justice (MA)

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Whether you are trying to decide on your next career path, create positive change in your community, or explore a passionate curiosity, join us at CIIS bachelor's degree completion program.

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