At CIIS, you engage in issues vital to you, to today's world, and to your personal growth, exploring the deep connections that unite them. You study in innovative graduate programs or complete your bachelor's degree, all in an academically rigorous setting. Here you find the knowledge and experience you need for the life and career you want.

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In CIIS, you encounter a lively and diverse community of learners that honors multiple ways of teaching, learning, and knowing. You take part in small classes with faculty committed to your education.

Here's some of what you can do here:

  • Explore traditions of knowledge from many cultures and viewpoints, while you experience some of the most forward-looking visions of the future
  • Take courses that offer you expansive ways of looking at the world
  • Benefit from an interdisciplinary model of education
  • Enroll in one-of-a-kind graduate programs in the School of Professional Psychology and Health and the School of Consciousness and Transformation
  • Study online in graduate programs in the groundbreaking fields of Transformative Studies and Transformative Leadership
  • Meet on weekends in the BA completion program in Interdisciplinary Studies with close-knit cohorts
  • Provide therapy to the San Francisco community while interning under the supervision of the experienced clinicians in the CIIS counseling centers
  • Create practicums or capstone projects that immerse you in collaborations with the communities you study

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