Sophie Herting

I decided to come to CIIS because it offers a cutting-edge curriculum that you cannot get at the university level in Germany, where I'm from. Even though I could have had a university education at no cost in Germany, it was clear to me that I should move to San Francisco and begin my education on foreign ground.

I started out at CIIS in the Bachelor of Arts Completion program, and then went on for a master's degree at CIIS in Transformative Leadership. Before I entered the MA program, the idea of what career to choose was a giant monster for me.

CIIS provided me with a setting that allowed me to explore both my own self and the world of higher education in a premier educational institution. At CIIS you can show up the way you are. You don't have to fit into a box, because you create your own box. At CIIS, the professors wanted to hear what I was thinking about the topics that we discussed, versus a summary of someone else's work.

While I was in the Transformative Leadership master's program, I did a project on electronic waste in developing countries that inspired me to found my own consulting company, E-Waste International.

Professor Dan Crowe is part of the outstanding faculty CIIS has to offer. Crowe has a Harvard degree and worked on Wall Street, and combined with his extensive experience in graduate leadership programs, he inspired me to create a vision on how to promote change. I still get advice from him regularly, and he is one of my core mentors.

My aim is to bring a consciousness about humanity back into business. I want to create a world where industrial nations take proper action. My area of expertise is electronic waste recycling and disposal (laptops, desktops, printers, cell phones). Right now most U.S. electronic waste is shipped to developing countries, where the toxic byproducts are causing horrific damage to people's health and the environment. I'm helping companies draw up plans to recycle their e-waste here in the U.S. and to do it in as green a way as possible. Recently I've also become the chief operating officer of EcoExpo365, a 100% virtual global marketplace for green and eco-conscious products, ranging from hybrid cars to organic cotton clothing.

I can confidently say that going to CIIS was one of the best decisions I could have made-an education for life that keeps on evolving and has set the foundation for my career, personality, and life in general.

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