Frank Strona

Currently I'm a student at CIIS in the Transformative Studies online PhD program. I've worked more than twenty years in the field of sexual health promotion and HIV/STD prevention. For the past seven years, I've been the chief of the STD/HIV unit for the City of San Francisco's STD prevention and control services section.

I came to a realization that if I wanted to have more of an impact on the way gay men exist in the spectrum of disease and as community members, I needed a degree that would help me challenge myself and the work I do.

I hadn't planned on going back for a PhD-I always felt that I wasn't the kind of person who needed an alphabet after his name. But I realized that if I wanted to be able to help shape the policies related to local, state, and national comprehensive sexual health, I needed to be at the table with a new perspective and academic foundation.

I chose CIIS because it allows me a framework to question not only the existing paradigms, but also to challenge my own understanding of the processes and tools for change.
CIIS and its inspired staff and faculty offer me a place to ask these questions. The Transformative Studies program provides me and other students the chance to view things from an "outside-the-box" perspective, housed in a rigorous academic environment.

I find the diversity of the faculty and students stimulating. From one moment to the next, the program allows me to engage with many different perspectives.

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