Social Media Tips

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Social Media Tips


Pages, Not Groups.

Groups are usually private. Pages are public and allow anybody to follow you. Pages also allow you access to analytics, which groups do not.

Think of Yourself as a Curator.

Have a personality. Share news about your program, faculty, staff, students, and alums. But look beyond the obvious. Curate content from around the web that you think will be relevant to your followers.

Short and Simple.

People on the Internet are browsers with short attention spans. Get to the point so that your followers don't tune out.

Sharing is Caring.

Imagine that every 1 follower is actually 100 people. Social media is about sharing. You should share often and encourage your followers to share your content.

Be Persuasive.

The point of social media is for people to take action. You want your followers to either click links or to share your content. Be persuasive and give them a reason to take action.

Be Visual.

Posts that include photos are viewed and shared more often.

Be Consistent.

Your Facebook page is a plant. Water it with consistent content and it will continue to grow. If you don't water it, the plant will die.

Always Analyze.

Facebook Pages give you a range of different analytics. If you need help decoding these analytics, please let us know and we can help. But it's imperative that you understand these numbers so that you can see what types of content have the best impact. This is how you learn to improve your content strategy.

Post at the Right Times.

People use social media more at certain times or day. Some days are better than others. Learn when people are most likely to see your content and start to post during these times.

Let us Help.

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