Suneet Varma

Suneet Varma


The Yoga and Psyche Conference

Suneet Varma, Ph.D., is Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Delhi, Delhi (India). His early work was in the area of Theoretical Psychology/Philosophy of Psychology. His more recent work focuses on Indian perspectives on Psychology, - e.g., Vedanta, Yoga Psychology, Buddhist Psychology, and their links with Sri Aurobindo's Integral Psychology. Dr. Varma's current work deals with spirituality and healing.

Indian Psychology: Theory and Practice

We mean by Indian Psychology (IP) an approach to psychology that is based on ideas and practices that developed over millennia on the Indian sub-continent. We use the word "Indian" to indicate and honor the origin of this approach to psychology: the underlying philosophy, the conceptual framework, the methods of enquiry, and the "technology of consciousness" that it uses to bring about psychological change and transformation. In a world faced with increasing unrest and conflict, the only way out is by way of a change in consciousness-from a narrow fragmented and hostile self-awareness to a wide, all-encompassing, benign and loving way of being.

CE credit (MFT, LCSW, RN) offered for the session