Rod Stryker

Rod Stryker


The Yoga and Psyche Conference

Rod Stryker is widely considered one of the West's leading authorities on the ancient traditions of yoga, tantra, and meditation. He is founder of ParaYoga®. His book, The Four Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom is a synthesis of his more than 30 years of teaching on the intersection of yogic wisdom, transpersonal psychology, and contemplative studies. He is a senior student of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD, in the ancient tantric tradition of Sri Vidya, and one of only a few North Americans transmitting an authentic, living tradition that has been practiced and handed down from teacher to student for literally thousands of years. In addition to contributing to countless news and magazine articles, he is a regular keynote speaker at conferences. He leads teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats worldwide.

The Wisdom of Yoga: The Journey to Lasting Freedom

The model of the mind, from the view of the yoga tradition, is a theoretical platform in many ways similar to modern psychotherapy's, yet one that provides an even more far-reaching view of human potential and personal fulfillment. In this workshop we will explore the theoretical basis, and introduce a life-changing process, of yogic self-inquiry--one that is at the heart of transforming emotions and non-constructive behaviors into extraordinary insight and lasting freedom.

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