Stuart Sovatsky

Stuart Sovatsky


The Yoga and Psyche Conference

Stuart Sovatsky (AB, Ethics/Psychology, Princeton University; PhD, CIIS), was first choice to co-direct Ram Dass's "prison ashram" and first in the US to bring meditation to the homeless in the 1970s that led to being selected to the 1977 Princeton University Outstanding Alumni Careers Panel. Co-President of the premier professional organization for spiritually-oriented psychologists in the US, the Association for Transpersonal Psychology since 1999, he was a board trustee for the California Institute of Integral Studies for 20 years and in 1999, recipient of its Most Outstanding Alumni Award 1978-2008. A serious scholar-practitioner of tantra yoga with numerous academic publications and university presentations throughout the US, India and Europe, he now leads couples retreats and trains therapists in the US and in Russia.

Mother Kundalini Origins of Hatha Yoga and Her Spinal Puberty of Endless Maturation

Siddha (kundalini-activating) gurus of the 1960s-80s awakened spontaneous asanas, mudras, meditative states,bhakti yoga moods of love and erotic capacities beyond the teen-puberty in thousands of Westerners. Thirty years later, their siddha-energies and teachings, extending back seven thousand years in India, are now little-seen in the West and in urban India. We will explore these wonderful yogic mysteries of body and soul and their implications for the future of yoga and the great yoga of romantic love (pariyanga-grihastha) in theory and experientially with seated spontaneous hand mudras (gestures), mildly energetic kirtan and rare yogic photographs and recordings.