Darcy Lyon

Darcy Lyon


The Yoga and Psyche Conference

Darcy Lyon, MFT, is an ERYT500 and Expressive arts therapist (intern) who sees private clients, teaches public classes, workshops and trainings nationally and internationally. Her diverse background includes a history in dance, Masters in clinical psychology and two decades of study in mindfulness based practice and spirituality. Having taught in yoga studios, women's shelters, retreats and an eating disorders clinic she is able to address how to apply the practice to diverse populations and settings. As a teacher and facilitator she bridges eastern and western understanding about psychological change and integrative wisdom. www.Heartfirearts.com

Yoga Posture Practice: Exploring Psyche in the Body

Much like psychotherapy, yoga began not with the body but with mind, with deep self -inquiry. Today, most people come to yoga through the body in asana practice which presents a unique opportunity for harnessing the power of this ancient system. When we touch our vital aliveness with awareness our inherent lightness of being and deep potency arises. Gather together in community to align body mind and heart for this day. We'll explore how grounding in body wisdom supports psychological insight, depth and wholeness. All welcome.