Angela Farmer

Angela Farmer


The Yoga and Psyche Conference

Angela Farmer, after qualifying in Physical Education from Chelsea College of London University she taught in schools and colleges for ten years. She developed her own approach to Creative Movement, Dance and Art and her work had a profound effect on the future of a more interactive, free and creative attitude to education in England during the late 1950's and early sixties.

She was twenty-eight when she found Yoga which at that time was almost unknown and her father begged her not to do "that Eastern thing. It is against our religion"! Meeting BKS Iyengar who was visiting London to work with Yehudi Menuhin in 1966 she felt inspired to follow the Yogic Path.

During the next ten years she made several trips to India studying and 'traveling through' the authoritarian and patriarchal teachings of Yoga until her own 'Break-through' occurred enabling her to discover the Feminine in Yoga as well as uncover parts of herself that had been lost early in life due to trauma and debilitating surgery.

This experience gave her a new perspective on life. The stern masculine,'straight and narrow' path dissolved, giving way to an inward and deeply feminine journey....unwinding, sensing and unfolding a beauty and power that had for so long eluded her. She saw how she had been following a tradition that suppressed the psyche yet was gaining tremendous momentum in the West as a physical practice demanding perfection of form and denying freedom of expression.

For the last thirty-five years she has continued to evolve an approach that transfers the concept of 'doing' to 'undoing'. In place of the striving for perfection of form she encourages the soul's innate wisdom and healing to let the body unfold and lead students towards their inner growth and emotional balance.

Uncovering the Psyche in the Depths of Our Bodies

All life memories are stored in our bodies. They may surface at any time but old trauma and injury are buried deep and sometimes beyond a conscious level. They need a very safe, supportive and understanding environment if they are to be revealed. That is the first step but then we must find ways to connect and communicate with them so that they are owned and honored as a real and important part of ourselves, whether they can completely heal or not.
In this session I shall share some ways that I have found profoundly helpful in creating a sense of wholeness both for myself and for my students.

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