Gabriel Axel

Gabriel Axel


The Yoga and Psyche Conference

Gabriel Axel, MSc., E-RYT 500 is a neuroscience and cognition specialist, Integral consultant, and certified yoga teacher,. He infuses scientific knowledge with the traditional practice of yoga to create transformational tools designed to maximize human potential.

Your Brain On Yoga: The Fusion of Neurological and Yogic Sciences

The research arena of yoga and psychology is missing a systematic understanding of how various functionalities of the nervous system serve as the ground for the efficacy of specific yogic practices. Herein, yoga is presented as a perennial scientific technology that consciously harnesses the innate capability of the human being as a vehicle for transformation. A case is made for the importance of thoroughly integrating neurobiological science with first-person experience by means of increasing the coherence of the gross, subtle, and causal nervous systems. In summary, the structured fusion of neurological and yogic sciences is introduced as an integral approach for the complete development of the nervous system.

CE credit (MFT, LCSW, RN) offered for the session