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Search Inside Yourself

SIY Core Program is the 16-hour course that was developed and refined at Google. 
The program focus is on the five key domains of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills – with mindfulness practice, science, and leadership applications fully integrated at all levels.

This is a highly interactive program that involves individual and small group explorations. Sessions are approximately one-third content and two-thirds practices. Practices include a variety of one-to-one, dyadic, and group conversations and exercises, attention-training practice, listening, and free-writing. There is time allotted for questions and answers during all sessions.


Born at Google, backed by science, SIY helps organizations address some of their deepest and often hardest to address needs:

  • How to build resilience in times of rapid change
  • How to help leaders solve not just technical but adaptive problems, which have no clear answers
  • How to help people thrive in a fast-paced, connected world without boundaries
  • How to create an inspired workplace that supports true human development


  • You will learn several mental training practices, including self-awareness, attention training and an introduction to emotional intelligence that are useful in enhancing work place skills.
  • You will learn practices designed to enhance concentration and creativity, and improve self-awareness and emotional process, enhance self-confidence, optimism, and empathy.
  • You will learn practices for developing alignment, clarifying vision and building resilience, as well as practices for leading with compassion and influencing with insight.


Attention Training
Attention is the basis of all higher cognitive and emotional abilities. Train attention to create a quality of mind that is both calm and alert. This quality of mind forms the foundation for emotional intelligence.

Self-knowledge and Self-Mastery
Use trained attention to understand cognitive and emotional processes.  This knowledge provides the individual with the ability to regulate and master emotions.

Create Useful Habits and Leadership Skills
Develop the habits of leading with compassion and communicating with insight. These habits can be trained and create trust that leads to highly productive collaborations.


  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and its importance to exceptional leadership
  • Introduction to self-awareness and attention training and its importance to developing and applying Emotional Intelligence
  • The science of attention training and Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and effective leadership