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Grieving and Ritual with Sobonfu Some

February  13 - 16, 2014


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Sobonfu Somé
Sobonfu Some

Grieving and Ritual with Sobonfu Some

This is a transformational and soul-invigorating workshop designed to break through our cultural barriers of grief. Periodically there is a need to feel and express grief in order to purge the soul from hurts and pains. The interdiction and suppression of emotion in general, and grief in particular, has recently been linked to the general sense of spiritual drought and emotional confusion, and to certain illnesses. To begin to regain a serious and lasting sense of connectedness with ourselves and with spirit, we need to find a proper place to release our grief-grief about all the losses we have endured in this lifetime-the loss of loved ones, the loss of our dreams, and the loss of our connection with the ancestors.
In the traditional world of the Dagara of Burkina Faso, West Africa, the ritual of grief, conducted almost daily in different parts of the tribe, is the Dagara people's way to release the tension caused by loss, and to restore continuity in their relationships. We will enter into the ritual space of grief following the traditional model of the Dagara. It is our hope that it brings the deep sense of release, peace, and connectedness in our lives.

Sobonfu Somé is a respected lecturer, activist, and author. Her work has helped move African spiritual practices from the realm of anthropology to a place alongside the world's great spiritual traditions. According to Alice Walker, Somé's message "can help us put together so many things that our modern Western world has broken." Somé is the founder of Wisdom Spring, Inc., an organization dedicated to the preservation and the sharing of indigenous wisdom. She tours the United States and Europe teaching workshops. Her books include: The Spirit of Intimacy, Welcoming Spirit Home, and Falling out of Grace. www.Sobonfu.com www.wisdomspringinc.org.

Thursday, February 13, 2014
CIIS Main Building
$15/$20 at the door
Saturday and Sunday
February 15 and 16, 2014
CIIS Main Building
$250/$300/$350 (includes lecture) (when one price tier sells out, that tier is closed)
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This course is also available for one unit of academic credit to CIIS students.

California Institute of Integral Studies, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


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