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Yoga for Grief Relief with Antonio Sausys

November  23 - 24, 2013
10:00 am - 5:30 pm


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Antonio Sausys
Antonio Sausys

Yoga for Grief Relief with Antonio Sausys

When the holiday season approaches and darkness overshadows the light, the pressure for belonging increases, the absence of our dear ones become more apparent, and grief surfaces in our hearts and bodies.

It is generally accepted that grief refers to the emotional and psychological symptoms experienced after the death of a person. Yet the mind and the body react with grief to the loss of a pet, a job, a dream-or even youth. This workshop provides a few techniques to promote the transformation of grief. Just as the "windmill" (featured exercise) does when turning otherwise inedible grains into flour, the intensity of loss is used to transform the seeds of grief into material for our nurturance. We'll do this by learning techniques that address the delicate endocrine mechanisms responsible for the grief reaction, by promoting the movement in those muscles that are mostly affected by grief, and by analyzing how grief can be used as a base for a new identification.

Yoga can be instrumental in addressing the symptoms of grief because it focuses on mind, body, and spirit, the three areas where grief manifests, and often goes unacknowledged. Participants will learn about the physical symptoms of grief, its psycho-neuro-immunological bases, and a set of simple yoga exercises to address them- while aiding the psychological transformation of grief into a resource for personal growth. A comparative analysis is made of the Western and Eastern models of the psyche, showing the importance of the psychic centers' involvement (particularly the heart chakra), both physically and emotionally. Special attention is given to the role of attachment, showing the differences between Western psychology and the yogic view. Theory and lecture alternate with experiential work. The workshop is appropriate for healthcare professionals, social workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, counselors, body workers, hospice staff, yoga therapists, and those interested in deepening their knowledge of the grieving process.


Antonio Sausys (BA in psychology, MA in body-oriented psychotherapy) is a somatic health practitioner and yoga instructor specializing in one-on-one yoga therapy for people with chronic and acute medical conditions, as well as emotional imbalance. He studied with yoga masters and teachers such as Indra Devi, Swami Shankaradevananda, and Larry Payne. Sausys and has continued his professional development with training in foot reflexology, Swedish therapeutic massage, the de-griefing process, and Reiki. He teaches and lectures at UC Berkeley, CIIS, and Kripalu. Sausys is a member of the World Yoga Council; the International Association of Yoga Therapy; has hosted the TV program YogiViews; and is the founder and executive director of Yoga for Health, the International Yoga Therapy Conference.

Saturday and Sunday
November 23-24, 2013
CIIS Main Building
$235/$255/$275 (when one price tier sells out, that tier is closed)
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13 CEs (MFT, LCSW, RN)
This course is also available to CIIS students for one unit of academic credit.

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California Institute of Integral Studies, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


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