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Facing Everything: Deepening the Apparent Boundaries of the Heart with Gangaji

March  27 - 28, 2014


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Facing Everything: Deepening the Apparent Boundaries of the Heart with Gangaji

Part of the Nondual Wisdom and Psychology Conference>>

In this mystery of incarnation, as human beings conscious of being conscious, we have extraordinary opportunities to deepen and broaden the apparent boundaries of our hearts. At this time in our human story, we can invite all that appears in our consciousness into the depths of our hearts. Or we can continue to tell the story as it has been told throughout millennia, including what we identify as ours, or good, or right; and excluding what is determined to be theirs, or bad, or wrong.

Within each of us there are universes that we struggle to escape or deny. Without resorting to labeling, we can open our hearts, and surrender our full attention to all that has been avoided. In simply stopping the internal war with whatever may be perceived as threatening in any way, we open the inner door of revelation to identity with the whole. When we face ourselves, internally and externally, we meet ourselves as one self, one heart. The day includes morning and afternoon sessions with Gangaji, meditations, and a 60-minute video. We will open the doors to the room beginning at 10am for quiet, self-directed meditation.

Gangaji travels the world speaking to spiritual seekers from all walks of life. A teacher and author, she powerfully articulates how it is possible to directly experience the truth of who you are and in that, discover true peace and lasting fulfillment. She is the author of Hidden Treasure: Uncovering the Truth in Your Life Story and The Diamond in Your Pocket: Discovering Your True Radiance. She lives with her husband in Oregon and offers events around the world and via the Web. www.gangaji.org.

Thursday, March 27, 2014
11:00AM-5:30P (Doors will open at 10:00AM for quiet, self-directed meditation)
First Unitarian Church
1187 Franklin Street, San Francisco

$150/$175/$200 (when one price tier sells out, that tier is closed)
$100 Nondual Wisdom Conference attendees
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The Inner Dive: Opening to What Is Already Whole
In this meeting, Gangaji shares her essential message: who you are is that which is already whole, fulfilled and at peace. "What you truly want, is what you truly have." Gangaji speaks and responds to questions during our gathering.

Friday, March 28, 2014
First Unitarian Church, San Francisco
$20/$25 at the door

California Institute of Integral Studies, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


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