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Emergent Leaders Confluence: The Art of Co-creating Our Future

July  12, 2014
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


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Emergent Leaders
Simone TiesingaDana PearlmanLaura ReddickJeff Aitken

Emergent Leaders Confluence: The Art of Co-creating Our Future

New practices for inspired collaboration are emerging that help us support each other as leaders, deepen personal and collective wisdom, and drive social innovation. This is a skillshop where we will learn and practice the arts of collaborative leadership and co-create our future, together.

Collaborative processes and social technologies are emerging that allow us to support each other as leaders, cultivate wisdom within ourselves and others, and drive social innovation. We are living in an era of unprecedented complexity and rapid change, which require new forms of leadership and a willingness to work together as never before.

This daylong intensive is a container for the next generation of innovators, change agents, and conscious leaders to prototype new forms of collective engagement and create synergy and learning across multiple domains. We are supporting you to take your project, leadership, and facilitation to the next level. Come take part.

Hosted* by Dana Pearlman, Simone Tiesinga-Poutnik, Jeff Aitken and Laura Reddick.


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Dana Pearlman
designs and facilitates action learning experiences that incorporates whole person development, mission driven entrepreneurship with systems thinking, being and doing for social innovation. Her academic background is in clinical psychology and strategic leadership towards sustainability.
She uses participatory facilitation processes and powerful questions to enable deeper wisdom at the individual, team, organizational and community levels. Her intent is to steward capacity building in others in order to manifest a world that is more whole, interconnected and in alignment with our true selves for wiser and conscious impact. Her sweet spot is at the intersection of authentic leadership, tapping into other ways of knowing (beyond cognition) the world, collective healing and cultivating communities of practice in order to accelerate the profound transformation that is needed in our world. Dana's facilitated sessions for National Bioneers Conference, GlobeMed's Leadership Institute, Dalai Lama Fellows, Novamaya, NextGen at IONS, Sonoma County Sustainability and Energy Department, The Hub Bay Area, Stanford Leadership Experiment, Sustainability Learning Centre, Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden: Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability program, Fukushima Response Group, and Daily Acts.

Simone Tiesinga-Poutnik, is a curator and facilitator of innovation ecologies, helping unlikely allies collaborate towards a shared purpose and find synergy in complexity. For the past 10 years she extensively worked with networks and communities of practice, on leadership development and multi-stakeholder engagement with business, government, nonprofit organizations and local communities around the world. www.natural-innovation.net

Jeff Aitken, PhD, loves the Art of Hosting as a framework for the practice of collaborative leadership and social renewal. He has coordinated several projects, centers, and graduate programs in leadership, social change, spiritual practice, and the healing arts, and hosted dozens of Open Space and World Cafe "conversations that matter" across the US. With an MA in Organizational Development and Transformation and a doctorate in decolonization, Jeff is a practical visionary who also attends to the cultural and imaginal dimensions of leadership and change.

Laura Reddick is a philosopher, creative, and integral ecologist. She has a professional background in project management, research, analysis, and events, but is most passionate about the intersections between leadership, ecology, and spirituality and how those intersections can help create a better future. Her superpower is that she is able to move ideas from inception to manifestation and help others do the same. Laura is currently the Program Manager for CIIS Public Programs and Performances.

Saturday, July 12, 2014
Optional all host happy hour at OddJob - 5:30pm
CIIS Main Building
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Co-sponsored by the Center for Beloved Community: The Center for Beloved Community is a CIIS initiative that is committed to the development of a diverse, inclusive, and socially engaged community of students, faculty, and staff dedicated to serving the San Francisco Bay Area. The Center for Beloved Community supports the ideals of CIIS, and its institutional commitment to an engaged spirituality that fosters community service.The Center is named for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of beloved community as an inclusive and interdependent consciousness based on love, justice, compassion, responsibility, and deep and abiding respect for the dignity of all persons, places, and things, that radically transforms individuals and institutions.

Co-sponsored by IONS NextGen: A platform and a community of practice that hosts and empowers the next generation of conscious leaders through initiating and co-sponsoring innovative programs and collaborations that foster transformations across scales.

Co-sponsored by Esalen's Integral Leadership Program: Esalen's Integral Leadership Program  is a new initiative from Esalen Institute, an educational and research center devoted to personal and social transformation.  The mission of Esalen's Integral Leadership Program (ILP) is to change the world by inspiring and supporting the next generation of conscious leaders. ILP is a way for college students and recent graduates to supplement their university education with a 28-day living and learning immersion experience focused on developing conscious leadership skills, such as emotional intelligence, self-expression, ecological awareness, compassion, cross-cultural communication, and conflict resolution. ILP furthers Esalen's mission of social transformation by expanding access to Esalen's gifts and insights to a younger, more diverse audience, so that they take our message out to the world and into their chosen professions, passions, and communities.

California Institute of Integral Studies, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


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