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Finding Courage in Challenging Situations with Brooke Deterline and Lynne Henderson

October  25 - 25, 2013
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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Brooke Deterline
Brooke DeterlineLynne Henderson

Finding Courage in Challenging Situations with Brooke Deterline and Lynne Henderson

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Ever wonder why so many seemingly good, smart people can do such stupid or unethical things under pressure (e.g., the ongoing flood of corporate scandals, or the last time you didn't speak up in a meeting when something needed to be said, or acted in a way that you weren't proud of later).

In this course, participants learn how to build the awareness, skills, and social-support systems that develop the ability of individuals and groups to consistently take wise and ethically courageous action in challenging situations. Courageous Leadership combines more than 50 years of social psychological research and key insights from neuroscience with Dr Lynne Henderson's evidence-based cognitive-behavioral model called Social Fitness TM. Courageous Leadership, LLC, programs help transform what people do in stressful, challenging situations into courageous actions that enhance group collaboration, support the creation of adaptive leadership, and significantly improve organizational impact.


Brooke Deterline serves as CEO of Courageous Leadership, LLC. At Courageous Leadership, Deterline and her colleagues help boards, executives, and teams develop the understanding and skills to act with ethical courage and ingenuity in the face of challenging situations. Building on her experiences as the founding corporate director for the Heroic Imagination Project, she combines social and cognitive psychology and a strategic focus with a passion for leadership, empowerment, collaboration, and social and environmental justice. Previously she cofounded StreetSmart IR, a San Francisco-based investor relations firm, and worked in corporate social responsibility. A former journalist at SmartMoney magazine and trained mediator, Deterline excels at building relationships; surfacing challenges that interfere with collaboration; and helping teams achieve structural, team, and individual growth that supports long-term success.

Lynne Henderson, PhD, is director of social fitness training at Courageous Leadership, LLC. She developed Social Fitness Training TM (SFT) over 25 years while running the Stanford Shyness Clinic. SFT is a health-enhancement and mental- and social-training model. At Courageous Leadership, she is translating the Social Fitness Model into structured exercises that facilitate skillful courageous conversations in the face of situational pressures to do otherwise at work. Role-playing at moderate levels of stress/anxiety opens the way to skillful and courageous action rather than avoidance in challenging situations, increases social flexibility, and builds strong social trust and support. Other exercises include mindfulness, gratitude, empathy, a growth mindset, compassion, and forgiveness that facilitate compassion for the self and others while engaging in the ongoing process of courageous conversations and actions. She is also the codirector, with Professor Philip Zimbardo, of the Shyness Institute, and was the director of the Stanford Shyness Clinic from 1982-2007. Her research includes translating the results of personality theory and social psychology into effective group and individual treatment strategies for extreme shyness and social anxiety disorder. She is also the author of The Compassionate Mind Guide to Building Social Confidence.

Friday, October 25, 2013
CIIS Main Building
Corporate Price $300 
$60/$80/$100 unafiliated individuals (when one price tier sells out, that tier is closed)
Become a Member today and Save up to 20%!
4 CEs available (MFT, LCSW)

Through the generous donation from Courageous Leadership, this initial workshop is being offered at 80% the normal corporate rate for the CIIS community.  Courageous Leadership programs have been conducted at Google, the Omidyar Network, Kaiser, Stanford University Business School, Stanford Rock Center for Corporate Governance and MIT Sloan School. Please register now, as space is limited to ensure maximum time for experiential exercises.

Featured Photo: Paxson Woelber via Compfight cc

California Institute of Integral Studies, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


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