Teresa McGlashan

Teresa McGlashan


Nondual Wisdom Conference

Teresa McGlashan has a private psychotherapy practice in Mill Valley where she helps couples and individuals find their way to well-being.  She has been studying spiritual and meditation practices for over 30 years and incorporates all of that into her work with clients.  Teresa has also always worked on global transformation projects including international outreach for Earth Day 1990 and co-founding the EarthAction Network. She is currently supporting TreeSisters, a global network of women focused on bringing the feminine into balance with the masculine and reforesting the Earth.


Expressing Nondual Understanding in Psychotherapy

At a conference on Nondual Wisdom and Psychology we get to ask ourselves what it means to have a nondual understanding and be a practicing psychotherapist.  In this session, I'll be sharing examples of how things have shifted in my practice with clients as my own visceral experience of nonduality has deepened.  I'll also share some wonderful nondual "tools" that I love to teach clients and seem to reach for regularly. Participants will be invited to reflect on ways that their own nondual understanding may be influencing the way they work with clients. Together we can see common themes as well as a blossoming of unique practices.