Lynn Marie Lumiere, MFT

Lynn Marie Lumiere


Nondual Wisdom Conference

Lynn Marie Lumiere, MFT has a private practice in Emeryville with a somatic orientation and a focus on embodied spiritual awakening. She is a contributing author for the Sacred Mirror as well as "The Undivided" online journal. Lynn Marie is co-author of The Awakening West and is the author of an upcoming book titled Undivided Love: A Guide to Awakened Relating.

The Ultimate Secure Base: Transforming Insecure Attachment

Many of the relational problems clients bring to psychotherapy are sourced in an insecure attachment with their primary caretaker in the beginning of life. Psychotherapy alone is limited in its ability to truly transform insecure attachment patterns. Awakening to our nondual nature alone also does not necessarily transform or release insecure attachment. This presentation will discuss and demonstrate how the healing of this relational wounding, in most cases, requires a skillful blending of a psychotherapeutic relationship and awakening to the ultimate secure base which is the ground of Being. This will be demonstrated through case examples and a sample session.