Julie Murphy

Julie Murphy


Nondual Wisdom Conference

Julie Murphy, M.A., Registered Addictions Specialist, is a Certified International Hakomi Trainer with nearly 30 years of experience in mindfulness and healing. As a Marriage and Family Therapy Registered Intern (73303), employed and supervised by Connie Batten, MFT 36050, she practices attachment-oriented, experiential somatic psychotherapy in Santa Cruz. Visit www.juliemurphy.org

The Heart of Healing: Connection, Calmness & Consciousness

Our deepest nature, beyond all concepts of self and other, beyond right-doing and wrong-doing, beyond all duality, is naturally open and infinitely connected. Warm, secure care giving early in life gives us the psychoneurobiologic framework to manifest our natural abilities for loving relationships and mindfulness. Developing such capacities provides the ground to realize our true nature. Without a secure attachment system, no amount of spiritual emergence or moments of awakening can fully integrate and permeate our relationships. This case study demonstrates how gaining secure attachment in the psychotherapeutic relationship through developing connection, calmness and consciousness, can foster our full awakening.

CEs available (MFT, LCSW)