Carey Cloyd

Carey Cloyd


Nondual Wisdom Conference

Carey Cloyd, MFT is a psychotherapist with a private practice in San Francisco and Marin. She has been a counselor for over a decade, with a regular meditation practice throughout. Carey draws primarily from her trainings in Hakomi and EMDR, and has served as co-coordinator for the Nondual Wisdom & Psychotherapy conference since 2009. For more information, please visit

Same & Different: How Awareness of Our Wholeness Enlivens Our Unique Expressions  

In this panel, we will discuss how conscious experience of our sameness with all things enlivens true expressions of our distinctness and individuality. Through discussion among the panel members and audience, we will explore ways in which the therapist's sense of self may become liberated from the experience of separation and how this can impact what arises in meetings between therapist and client.