Riyaz Motan

Riyaz Motan


Nondual Wisdom Conference

Riyaz Motan, M.F.T. has a private practice in San Francisco and San Rafael, and is an adjunct professor at C.I.I.S. Riyaz has been inspired by the non-dual teachings of Advaita Vedanta, and he seeks to bring the wisdom of this tradition into his work as a therapist, supervisor, and teacher.

First there is a mountain (of problems), then there is no mountain (of problems) . . .

In this presentation we will use case examples to explore just how the everyday psychological issues that clients bring in to therapy can be worked with from a non dual approach. We will see how a therapist that is not caught in the "problem holder/problem fixer" paradigm - and that is working from Presence - can invite and inspire this same presence and sense of freedom in their clients. And we will discover how the very contractions and difficult life issues that clients want to be rid of can be used as portals into discovering a deeper sense of being and freedom.

CEs available (MFT, LCSW)