Kaisa Puhakka

Kaisa Puhakka


Nondual Wisdom Conference

Kaisa Puhakka, Ph.D., teaches on the core faculty at CIIS and supervises psychology interns at Sofia University's Counseling Center. She has private practice in San Francisco and Palo Alto. Kaisa's spiritual inquiry is ongoing and informed by her study of Hindu and Buddhist philosophy as well as practice in the vipassana and Rinzai Zen traditions.


Coming Out from Behind the Shadow: Finding the Ground in the Cosmic Game

In this opening presentation we will explore the delightful play of light and shadow, the cosmic "hide and seek game" that goes on in the depths within us and in the vastness around us. This play however turns into suffering when the psychological self seeks to preserve itself within its hiding places. With guided contemplation and exercises, we will explore how surrendering those hiding places and opening to contact with ourselves and with others around us restores us to the play that is the ground in which we find our being.

CEs available (MFT, LCSW)