Kate Kendell

Shoshana Simons

Chair of Expressive Arts Therapy Program and Associate Professor of Transformative Inquiry, California Institute of Integral Studies

Shoshana Simons, PhD, RDT is Chair of Expressive Arts Therapy Program and Associate Professor in Transformative Inquiry Department at California Institute of Integral Studies. Shoshana has a rich background in integrating performance and expressive arts structures into multiple contexts of work with children and adults in educational, therapeutic and larger systems. She has a particular interest in the integration of the arts into spiritual practice and socio-emotional development. She is passionate about using the performance and expressive arts as catalysts for healing and social change and is deeply involved in developing an expressive arts-centered approach to narrative therapy.

Expanding the Bridge:  Intergenerational Dialogue and Story-Telling for Queer Educators, Leaders, and Allies

One of the critical leverage points in the Expanding the Circle project is the bridge between generations of those of us committed to this work, a bridge that is often fragile or non-existent.  Shifting notions of identity have added new categories and radically transformed the social landscape (as is particularly apparent in coastal urban centers or "bubbles" like the venue of this conference). Two practical and powerful means available to build and strengthen this bridge are story-telling and intergenerational dialogue.  What knowledge and wisdom do queer educators, leaders, and allies in higher education offer to the contemporary generation of students (who embody a fluid range of intersecting identities and expressions? What does the current generation of students have to bring across the bridge from their increasingly "post-gay" world?  In this highly interactive workshop you will learn contemplative, somatic, expressive, and performance-based arts practices to share your genealogy as a queer educator, student, and ally in dialogue with others.   In this temporary learning community, we will collectively claim our storied legacy as a way of renewing ourselves and embodying a more humane and just world.