Ronni Sanlo

Ronni Sanlo

Director Emeritus of the UCLA Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center

Ronni Sanlo is the Director Emeritus of the UCLA Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center (LGBT) Center and a frequent keynote speaker and consultant on LGBT issues in Higher Education. Dr. Sanlo was also the Senior Associate Dean of Students and professor/director of the UCLA Masters of Education in Student Affairs. Prior to being recruited by UCLA, Ronni served as the director of the University of Michigan LGBT Center, and as an HIV epidemiologist in Florida. She earned her bachelor's degree at the University of Florida, and a masters and doctorate in education from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. Her consultation, research, and many publications focus on sexual orientation issues in education and higher education. Ronni sat on the national boards of NASPA and CAS as well as the NASPA Journal editorial board, and is the founding chair of the Consortium of Higher Education Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Professionals. She is the originator of the award-winning Lavender Graduation, a commencement event that celebrates the lives and achievements of graduating LGBT college students. Ronni lives in Southern California where she continues to research and write and is the owner of Purple Distinctions Publishing and Retreats. Dr. Sanlo was the guest editor for the Community College Journal of Research and Practice's "LGBT Issues in Community Colleges" in July 2012. Her most recent publication is "Intersections of Identity and Leadership: Informing Our Lives, Informing Our Practice," co-edited with Dr. Alicia Chavez and published by NASPA. Ronni's memoir is The Purple Golf Cart: The Misadventures of a Lesbian Grandma.


To This Day I Come: One Old Lesbian's Historical Perspective

Ronni Sanlo was somebody's wife and mother in her clueless closet in 1970s Florida. In 1977 Anita Bryant waged her anti-gay war in Miami. In 1978 the Florida legislature passed the country's first anti-gay parenting laws. In 1979, Ronni came out...and lost custody of her two very young children. Fueled by intense anger, Ronni became a raging activist. She found her way from homelessness and loss to becoming a UCLA professor and director of the UCLA LGBT Center. In this keynote address Dr. Sanlo presents a powerful perspective of LGBT history from 300 BC to the present, intertwined with her own personal story, with a focus on LGBT work in higher education.

Growing your LGBT Campus Office or Center

This interactive workshop features two sections. The first is strategic planning as an important tool for establishing/growing your LGBT office, center, and/or campus work. We also explore the use of the CAS standards as a powerful guide for establishing LGBT work in every department on campus.

The second section explores how fundraising accomplishes several goals:
    •To meet with the local LGBT community,
    •Find LGBT alums, and
    •Get your center's name and work in front of your campus development office.

Fundraising helps you move forward intentionally and smartly while building a strong financial base. In fact, significant funds help to stabilize and ground your center especially as a form of protection from being eliminated in times of deep budget cuts.

Join Ronni and other dynamic LGBT campus leaders and learn the powerful work that will insure the future of your LGBT office or center.