Nancy Jean Tubbs

Nancy Jean Tubbs

Director of LGBT Resource Center
University of California, Riverside

Nancy Jean Tubbs has directed the LGBT Resource Center since 2000. She grew up in Texas (y'all), where she attended Texas A&M University and earned a bachelor's in English and a master's in educational administration.

She is a radical bureaucrat who enjoys improving policies, spending budgets, writing reports, questioning gender, dialoguing sexuality, challenging systems of oppression, and wearing comfortable shoes. She's active in the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals and has coauthored published articles on allies' development and transgender inclusion.

Creating a Trans-Inclusive Campus: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

How are we creating trans-inclusive campuses for students, staff, and faculty? What educational campaigns, initiatives, policies, and procedures are best practices for addressing gender identity and expression in the college environment? Moving beyond Trans 101, we will explore lessons learned from creating trans-inclusive change on our campuses and envision next steps.