Shiva Subbaraman

Shiva Subbaraman

Director of LGBT Resource Center,

Georgetown University

Sivagami ("Shiva") Subbaraman is the first Director of the LGBTQ Resource Center, one of the first institutionally funded Centers in a Jesuit university in the country.  Since she came on board in the Fall of 2008, she has worked to establish the Center as an integral and integrated part of the Hilltop community by building across differing communities and groups.  Prior to Georgetown, she worked at the University of Maryland, at the LGBT Equity Center, and the Office of Human Relations Programs (now Office of Diversity Education).  She has also taught at Macalester College, Drake University, and University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Her primary areas of research are feminist and queer literature and theories.  She has presented at several national conferences (ACPA, NASPA, JASPA, Expanding the Circle, Creating Change), on social and racial justice, LGBTQ and faith, and race and gender. She has presented several day-long institutes on how to envision and implement LGBTQ work that is truly intersectional, and been invited to several campuses in a consulting and advisory capacity.

Uneasy Homes: Re-Drawing the Diversity Paradigm

This workshop is a highly interactive, facilitated dialogue on what the future holds for "identity-based centers" (i.e multicultural, LGBTQ, women, disability to name a few), as we grapple with 21st century institutional realities and re-framing of William DuBois' classic 20th century formulation, "How does it feel to be a problem?"Intersectionality has become a key touchstone to work our way through the quagmire of exponentially multiplying identity boxes; however, it is not clear to many of us how we might continue to address both structural and student development issues in a changing world. The workshop will challenge ourselves to examine how we can move our work beyond collaboration and partnership to a new paradigm that truly addresses the needs of our students, professionals in the field, and keeps institutions accountable.