Jaime Washington

Jamie Washington

Founder and President
Washington Consulting Group

Rev. Jamie Washington serves as president and founder of the Washington Consulting Group, a multicultural organizational development firm. He is also a senior consultant with The Equity Consulting Group, and with Elsie Y. Cross and Associates. He has served as an educator and administrator in higher education for more than 20 years. He most recently served as the assistant vice president for student affairs at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). He has been an instructor in sociology, American studies, and education; and an assistant professor of women's studies at UMBC. He holds a PhD in college student development with a concentration in multicultural education from the University of Maryland, College Park. He completed his master of divinity program at Howard University. He is a lead faculty member with the LeaderShape Institute and the National Certified Student Leader Program. He has more than 30 years of experience in music ministry, is an ordained minister, and currently serves as an associate minister at Unity Fellowship Church of Baltimore. For more information, visit http://www.washingtonconsultinggroup.us.

Racism and Heterosexism: Similarities and Differences

"Gay issues are not civil rights issues, they are a choice!" "Racism and Homophobia is the same thing, I don't understand why people of color don't get that." As a Latina lesbian, it's often hard to find a community where I don't have to be on guard". "Being Asian and gay is who I am, but very few people know that". "It's because of the homophobia in the Black community that Proposition 8 passed". Do these comments sound familiar? Have you ever felt shut down or confused in the conversation about which is worse? Do you wish that people could just see oppression as wrong regardless of its manifestation? This half-day session will invite participants on a journey to understanding the similarities and difference in racism and heterosexism and how we all can work more effectively together to create a more socially just campus community.

Engaging Spirituality and LGBTQ Experiences in the Classroom and Beyond

Have you ever felt like talking to some Christians about LGBTQ issues is a no-win situation? Do you feel like as a LGBTQ person of faith that your voice gets dismissed or minimized? Have you experienced religion as a wedge issues between heterosexual people of color and white LGBTQ folks? Well, let's talk about it.

This half-day workshop will walk you through the "fundamentals" for staying engaged in a conversation that is both honoring and challenging to all it involves, including best practices for facilitating dialogues across difference. This session is designed to help leaders, and all members of a campus or community explore ones personal journey and engage with others in authentic dialogue and the building of a more pluralistic community across religious and spiritual differences. Whether we are in the classroom or on the campus quad, this session will address how to engage and move beyond the "shut down" statements and help each of us learn better ways of coping with people who simply see it differently.