Deborah Brown

Deborah Anna Brown

Lecturer, Sexuality Studies, San Francisco State University

Deborah Anna Brown is a lecturer in Sexuality Studies at San Francisco State University, and she is currently the faculty advisor for the Queer Yo Mind Conference. She is a doctoral candidate in European (German) history at the University of California, Los Angeles. As a queer Afro-German, her scholarly research focuses on the following: modern German and Jewish history, history of science and statistics, sexuality and critical race studies, Queer theory and history, gender and women's studies, race and ethnicity, and Afro-German and Black European history.

As a scholar-activist, she links her academic work to domestic and international struggles for social justice, popular empowerment, embodied action, and people-centered development. Her work and social involvement bridge the gaps between diverse visibility and education, especially through connecting academia to communities on a local and global scale.

Beyond Queering Curriculum: Transformative Teaching and Curriculum Development

This workshop will focus in great detail on the process of designing and creating curriculum based on queer pedagogies and the transformative teaching approach. Using critical pedagogy as the framework for developing a highly transformative curriculum, this hands-on workshop engages participants in the actual design steps of transformative teaching. In this model, the teacher acts as mediator/scholar-activist and builds from prior student knowledge to promote active community engagement and independent critical thinking skills that traverse traditional learning outcomes. This workshop distinguishes between incorporating queer topics into curricula versus critiquing what traditional models omit. Participants will share examples and strategies for integrating queer pedagogical content, assignments, and community-based projects into curriculum. The workshop will provide faculty with opportunities to work with their own course materials to explore how to integrate these learning strategies into their coursework.