J. Phoenix Smith

J. Phoenix Smith


Ecopsychology Conference

J. Phoenix Smith, MSW is an Ecotherapist, Initiated Elder in the Lucumi Afro-Cuban Spiritual Tradition, and seasoned public health professional.  She is well versed in African indigenous science as a diviner and leader of a spiritual community in the Bay Area Ile' Oloosa Okegiga de Marun - The House Belonging to the Bay of the Five Mountains.  For over 20 years, she has worked on issues of public and community health equity and social justice.  In 2010, she founded EcoSoul an Ecotherapy healing arts and consulting company where she provides trainings, writings, and ceremonies. Her work is designed to awaken, restore and heal our connection to the natural world, our ancestors and communities.  She has been published in the Journal of Ecopsychology, selected to present at Bioneers, and the SF Green Festival, and has conducted Ecotherapy trainings for non-profits for the past four years.  In 2015, her work in Ecotherapy will be highlighted in the national publication The Atlantic magazine.


Reparations,  Restoration  and Resiliency : A pathway to Justice

In this ceremonial presentation, J. Phoenix Smith will outline a pathway based on the principles of reparations, restoration, and resiliency that can lead to justice for all. In an age of increased police violence on communities of color in the United States, increased wars over water, land and food, gentrification leading to a further loss of place in cities, as well as the continued decimation of our ecosystems, how do we ensure justice for humans and non-humans? In this presentation we will journey together on ways we can begin to make repairs for restoration and resiliency that root us in and move us towards justice.



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