Jan Edl Stein

Jan Edl Stein


Ecopsychology Conference

Jan Edl Stein, MFT is an eco-psychotherapist in private practice in San Francisco And Marin County and also the director of Holos Institute. Jan leads workshops and retreats that interweave meditation, active imagining, shamanic journeying and earth based contemplations. She has taught/presented at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Sonoma State University, Grof Transpersonal Training Program, The Bioneers Conference, Association of Transpersonal Psychology Conference, Esalen Institute, IONs and numerous private venues. For over 26 years she has maintained has a private practice which includes consultation, individual and couples psychotherapy

Solastalgia: Embracing Longing for Home

Solastalgia is a term that describes the distress one feels when one's homeland is damaged or radically changed. The separation from the place that we love and that which sustains us expresses through despair, anxiety, confusion and grief. How might we navigate that that emotional response? How does outer loss, shift, or erosion impact the inner psychological landscape? And how might that internal wound of landscape inform a longing that might actually create a new ecological attitude of healing?

Drawing upon over 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist witnessing the interplay of psyche and nature, Jan will take us through a visual journey of landscape that reflects both an inner and outer psychological position and experience. It will explore just how much our longing and love for place and home made conscious can drive us toward an integrated and rooted relationship with the natural world.