Jolie Egert Elan

Jolie Egert Elan


Ecoresilience Leadership Certificate

Jolie Egert Elan, M.S. is the founder of Go Wild Consulting, a company that promotes healthy ecosystems and our connections to them. She is a deep ecologist, ethnobotanist and educator. Jolie has inspired thousands of people to deepen their connection to nature and has recently established the Go Wild Institute for Earth Wisdom that weaves together science, myth, education and spirit to awaken our ecological selves and foster balance within the great web of life. She has worked with ethnobotanical projects on four continents including restoring sacred forest groves in India and developing the herbal medicine sector in war-torn Kosovo. Jolie is adjunct faculty in the Biology Department at the College of Marin and regularly teaches with nature organizations, ecoliteracy programs and herbal medicine schools in the Bay Area. She is a certified forester and permaculture designer. Jolie is also a seasoned environmental advocate with 25 years of experience building alliances and working with environmental campaigns. She received her B.A. from the Evergreen State College in Environmental Studies and her Master's degree in Natural Resources from Humboldt State University. Jolie can often be found foraging wild foods and medicines. Visit to learn more.

Awakening our Ecological Selves - Weaving our Web of Life

Most people in our culture feel isolated from nature on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. However, in truth it is impossible to separate ourselves from nature because we ARE nature. In this class, we will weave together ecology, environmental science and ecopsychology as we explore Bay Area landscapes and our relationships to them. Students will discover how they are interwoven within the web of life on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. The class will be organized into four archetypal elements - Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Each element will be the guide into ecological and psychospiritual concepts in the field of deep ecology.

Lessons in Ecoresilience from our Plant Relations

In this coming age of potential food instability and limited access to medical care, we can turn to the plants growing right at our feet to heal and nourish us. These same plants can teach us vital lessons in ecoresilience. For instance, oak trees provide us with a major food source in acorns, while at the same time they offer ancient lessons about patience, integrity and moving from humility towards mightiness. Modern science has confirmed the age old use of elderberry as an effective antiviral, yet this plant still has much to reveal about subduing the spread of psychic viruses infecting our society. In this class students will increase self-reliance as they learn forage for wild foods and craft their own herbal medicine chests. We will discover how to tap deeper into the web of life and gain essential knowledge that will support us as we move through this Great Turning.