Linda Buzzell

Linda Buzzell


Ecoresilience Leadership Certificate

Linda Buzzell, M.A., M.Journalism, L.M.F.T. is a psychotherapist and ecotherapist in private practice in Santa Barbara, California. She is co-editor with Craig Chalquist of Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind (Sierra Club Books, 2009) and a member of the Editorial Board of Ecopsychology, a peer-reviewed journal. She founded the International Association for Ecotherapy in 2002, is co-convenor of the Ecopsychology Network of Southern California and a member of the Los-Angeles-based Ecopsychology Network for Clinicians. She is Adjunct Faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California in the Depth Psychology M.A./Ph.D. program in Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology and Ecopsychology. She is currently writing Cultural Ecoresilience: An Integral Approach with Craig Chalquist.

Introduction to Ecoresilience: 20 Principles

As many observers have noted, the outlines of an emerging sustainable society are now clear and have been for some time. Scientists, practical inventors, permaculturists, and social analysts have created alternatives that are available for implementation. Yet most individuals, communities, and cultures take little action towards actually doing so. This inaction exposes the ultimate challenge of ecoresilience: not just what we might - or must - do, but how to rapidly shift enough human hearts and minds so we will take action collectively to prevent our own demise, and that of our descendents and the other remaining species with whom we share our rapidly warming planet. This presentation will offer a big picture understanding of why things are collapsing - and then share a simple set of ecoresilience principles for the redesign, restoration and rebuilding of our community - and planetary - life support systems.

This workshop available for 6 CEs (MFT, LCSW, RN)