"Civilizations Beyond Earth," Co-Edited By Douglas Vakoch, Released in PaperbackPosted on Sep 12 2013

By Neil Freese

Berghahn Books has recently released a paperback version of "Civilizations Beyond Earth," a collection co-edited by CIIS Clinical Psychology Professor Douglas Vakoch, and in coordination with the release is posting a series of four blogs written by authors who contributed chapters to the book.

The first blog, posted this week, is from George Pettinico, the former associate director of the Center for Survey Research and Analysis at the University of Connecticut, who looks at survey results detailing Americans' beliefs in extra-terrestrial life. Pettinico writes that, "[as] of 2005, 60 percent of adult Americans believe in life on other planets."

"You are most likely to believe in life on other planets if you are male, less religious and middle-aged. You are least likely to believe in life on other planets if you are female, over age 60, and (especially) if you are religious, where religiosity is defined as frequency of religious service attendance."

Read the full blog, "Life Beyond Earth? Survey Says…"

The series will continue, every two weeks, on Wednesdays.

"Civilizations Beyond Earth" was first published in September 2011.

Neil Freese is Online Content and Social Media Manager for CIIS.



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