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The Dean of Students Office assists students throughout their academic careers and serves as their advocate. The Dean is available to speak with students about all aspects of their experience at CIIS and assist them in resolving any conflict or concern that may arise. Any student with an unresolved complaint may contact Shirley Strong, Dean of Students.

In addition, the Dean of Students Office produces the Student Handbook; conducts New Student Orientations; coordinates campus safety, housing, and health insurance information; offers services and support to international students and students with disabilities; works closely with the Student Alliance and other student groups; offers field placement and career development services; administers the annual Student Satisfaction Survey; and plans and conducts the annual spring commencement ceremony.

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Center for Beloved Community
Student Complaint Process
Students with Disabilities
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You will always find an open door at the Dean of Students office. The Dean is available to speak with students about all aspects of their experience at CIIS and assist them in resolving any concerns that may arise.

The Dean of Students Office welcomes all suggestions on how CIIS can better serve its student community. It is located across the hall from the Financial Aid Office, which will assist you in demystifying scholarship, loan, and grants processes.


The Dean of Students Office and Student Alliance sponsor an emergency loan program through which a student can obtain $750 for unanticipated and unplanned expenses. Loans must be repaid in full by the end of the semester.

Students must be currently enrolled during the semester in which you apply for a loan. For a student already receiving financial aid, loan repayment will be automatically taken out of future financial aid disbursements. At least three months must have passed since you received an emergency loan before applying for another loan. Process time for applications is five working days.

Download the Student Emergency Loan Application >>

If completing electronically, make sure you save the form before e-mailing it to For more information, please contact Dean Shirley Strong at


The Center for Beloved Community is a CIIS initiative committed to the development of diverse, inclusive, and socially engaged community of students, faculty, and staff dedicated to serving the San Francisco Bay Area. The Center is located in the Dean of Students Office.

The Center supports the ideals of CIIS, which since its founding has demonstrated an institutional commitment to an engaged spirituality that fosters community service. This commitment to community service is deeply embedded in the life and work of the Institute. It is articulated in the CIIS mission and ideals and has recently been adopted in the Institute’s Strategic Plan.

The Center, named for Martin Luther King Jr.’ vision of beloved community, that describes healing and reconciliation as the culminating goal, not simply ending desegregation and achieving integration. We have chosen to embrace King’s vision, which requires us to engage in community service at a deeper and more meaningful level and at the same time strengthen our ability to connect to the “least of these” in our community (CIIS as well as the greater Bay Area).

Currently, the Center is developing two interrelated programs:

  • The Center for Beloved Community’s Internship and Community Service Program (ICSP).
  • The Center for Beloved Community’s Social Justice initiatives at CIIS Program (SJIP).

Download the Center for Beloved Community Internship & Community Service Handbook >>


The Dean of Students administers the student complaint process, which is used to resolve complaints by a student of violations of university policies and procedures as contained in the Student Handbook as well as any other unresolved grievances.

Download the complaint process procedure >>

Any student with an unresolved complaint may contact the Dean of Students for information and assistance.


California Institute of Integral Studies complies with the provisions of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The Dean of Students office is responsible for working toward equal access.

The Admissions Office identifies applicants who meet the Institute's academic and admission requirements and show promise of contributing to the Institute community and to the world at large. The Institute seeks applicants with diverse interests, backgrounds, and abilities.

The academic program admission committees, in coordination with the Admissions Office staff, carefully consider each applicant's academic and nonacademic credentials and readiness in making admission decisions.

The Institute welcomes and encourages physically and perceptually disabled students with otherwise appropriate qualifications to apply. Reasonable accommodations will be made to ensure that students with disabilities are able to pursue educational degrees at the Institute.

Student Disability Services
The Dean of Students Office coordinates nonacademic student services and acts as the primary advocate for enrolled disabled students. The Dean of Students Office coordinates services for disabled students, including providing note-takers, readers, and library assistance.

A professional assessment of a student's disability is required before the services can be engaged. CIIS' Psychological Services Center, located in our Fox Plaza site, is an optional avenue for obtaining this documentation. The Center offers psychological assessment services for individuals seeking personality and cognitive testing, as well as academic, vocational, and diagnostic assessment. To arrange an appointment or receive more information, call the Center at (415) 575-6200.


Note: You should be able to enter information into the form fields within the Word document. If you are unable to type in the form fields, click Tools > Macro > Security, and set the security level to Medium. Open the file once more, and you will be prompted to either Enable or Disable the macros in the form. Click Enable, and you should now be able to enter your information, save it, and send it to the Dean of Students Office. After, you should reset the Security level back to its previous level.

Examinations and Special Arrangements
Special arrangements such as extra time for taking examinations or writing papers can be made. Students should discuss their special needs with the instructor at the beginning of each course. The Dean of Students can also help to notify faculty of special needs.

Coursework Assistance

Help with note-taking may be arranged either with someone in the class, or by special arrangement. Blind and visually impaired students may receive reader assistance, coordinated by the Dean of Students.

Equipment, Facilities, and Other Resources
The Institute's goal is to make facilities, programs, and experiences accessible to all members of the community. The Institute works individually with disabled students to determine how individual needs can best be met.

Additional Information
Disabled students interested in applying to the school should request an application from the Admissions Office. Specific questions about access and facilities should be directed to the Dean of Students Office.


CIIS provides students with three computer labs consisting of PC and Macintosh computers. All computers have word processing, Internet access, and printing capabilities.

All machines have Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Acrobat Reader, and Internet Explorer installed on them.

One of the labs doubles as a teaching lab that can be reserved for classes and other functions where a computer lab is necessary.


The forms have been collected here for your convenience. Before downloading and using them, please be sure to read and fully understand all relevant information as described in the appropriate section of the Student Resources webpages.