InnerLight Bookstore

The CIIS InnerLight Bookstore is a small, innovative college bookstore that provides students and faculty with materials for classes and research.


CIIS has partnered with MBS Direct to provide a reliable online source for your required and recommended textbooks, available here:

The online store offers:

  • All your required and recommended textbooks listed for sale in one convenient place, so you can purchase online without having to deal with multiple vendors and shipments, some of which vary widely in service and quality.
  • A higher availability of used textbooks than we're able to offer at the InnerLight Bookstore (MBS is a used textbook wholesaler so has a vast inventory of used books).
  • Where available, electronic book options that work on many different platforms (computer, tablet, smartphone).
  • A vigorous buyback program that shows you when purchasing a book how much you can expect to receive when you sell it back to MBS, and thus your ultimate cost of a book over time. You also receive an extra bonus for selling your books back to MBS.
  • The opportunity to purchase textbooks using your financial aid funds. You can request a voucher either by going in person to the financial aid office or emailing Note that the voucher must be used within 48 hours after receiving it. They also accept all major credit cards.


The CIIS Bookstore holds a used book buyback at the end of the Spring and Fall semesters, and pays cash up to 50% of the new price of the book depending on the title.

The next buyback will be May 5-16 from 12-4 pm, Monday-Friday.


The Bookstore carries textbooks for all courses offered at CIIS and publications including the following to explore body, mind, and spirit:

  • Psychology
  • Eastern and Western Spirituality and Religion
  • Philosophy
  • Somatics
  • Drama Therapy
  • Women's Spirituality
  • Psychological Astrology
  • Ecology
  • Science and Spirituality
  • Anthropology
  • Research and Writing

The Bookstore also carries CDs, mugs, cards, journals, T-shirts, incense, and school supplies.

Visit the InnerLight Bookstore on the 3rd floor of the CIIS Main Building, at 1453 Mission Street. We are open to the public. Contact us at (415) 575-6179 or

For mail order services, please contact Bookstore Manager Steven Swanson or (415) 575-6178.


Monday-Thursday: 11:30am-6:30pm
Friday-Saturday: 11:30am-4:00pm

Closed Sundays