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NO PLACE but NOW was a transcontinental,collaborative project created specifically for the Minna Gallery at CIIS by artists Ethan Worden and Christopher Lavery. Ethan and Chris, who are both sculptors, worked together to investigate the notion of place despite 2,700 miles between them. The installation, on view from late May-July 2010, integrated a range of media and means, some of which are explored in interview clips below.

Arts at CIIS Curator Deirdre Visser and Sound Artist Gwyneth Merner are in conversation here with Ethan and Chris; three of us were together in a small office in San Francisco, with Chris calling in from Denver over Skype. Special thanks to Ethan and Chris and to Gwyneth for her editing expertise.



Guest Curator Raquel de Anda selected works by a new generation of female artists who have often been labeled Chicana, Xicana, or Post-Chicana. The work of Ana Teresa Fernandez, Angelica Muro, Shizu Saldamando, Mitsy Ávila Ovalles, and Favianna Rodriguez draws on the extraordinary work of the Chicano civil rights movement and responds to some of the same issues - labor, immigration, civil rights, construction of gender - but is clearly responding to changing cultural circumstances; among other things we're a very media saturated culture.

This archive contains multiple audio and visual elements, including clips from the two panel discussions that were held in conjunction with the event.


 World of the Gods

 World of the Gods explores contemporary innovations within the centuries-old tradition of diety painting in Hindu and Buddhist South Asia.

Curator Debashish Banerji discusses the concerns and scholarship that drove the creation of this exhibition, and its particular relevance to CIIS.



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