Financial Aid



For All New Students

All newly admitted students are considered for the CIIS Opportunity Scholarship. There is no separate application for this scholarship. Awards are determined primarily on financial need and you are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Quick facts/guidelines: Opportunity Scholarship

  • Opportunity Scholarships are on a first-come first-serve basis
  • Complete the most current FAFSA as soon as possible
  • You must be fully admitted and enrolled full time
  • Scholarships are for two years: fall and spring semesters only
  • If you change programs, you will retain your existing scholarship for the duration of the remaining two years
  • International students do not need to complete a FAFSA

The Opportunity Scholarship is funded from donations, gifts and endowments to the Institute. Generally, our CIIS Development Office will contact recipients of these donors-sponsored scholarships. To see who makes the Opportunity Scholarships possible, please click here.

For New Undergraduate Students

There is one competitive $10,000 scholarship available for a student entering the Bachelor of Arts Completion program in spring 2014. In order to be considered for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria by the priority application deadline of Friday, November 1:

  • Complete the most current version of FAFSA (2013-14).
  • Submit a complete admissions application [including application, essay, transcript(s), and letters of recommendation].
  • Write a one-page essay answering the following question:

"What communities are you connected to and how do you see your education enhancing the ways in which you work with and

in those communities?"

Include the essay with the complete application packet.

Note: This essay should be included with your application packet and all criteria met by April 1 for fall applicants and November 1 for spring applicants.

For Continuing Students

All scholarships for continuing students require an application. Pay careful attention to the scholarship packet for required documentation.

For Doctoral and Masters Students

Annual Scholarship
The Annual Institute Scholarship is supported by donations and gifts.  Generally, our CIIS Development Office will contact recipients of these donor-sponsored scholarships.  For a list of donors, please click here.

Quick facts:

  • Applications Opens June 07.  Deadline is July 01.
  • Complete the online scholarship application - click here. Note: You must be logged in as a current student.
  • Must have completed a minimum of 15 units by the application deadline.
  • Complete the most current FAFSA - CIIS school code is 012154. Note: International students are exempt from this requirement
  • Scholarship awards range from $500 to $2,000, per year

Research Scholarships
There are research based scholarships available to our students.  How to apply for the scholarships and its deadlines are available in your MyCIIS account (you must be logged in to view this information).