Mission Statement

Women's Spirituality Mission Statement

The mission of the Women’s Spirituality (WSE) program is to create a cutting-edge, high-quality MA and PhD program supported by traditional academic research and scholarship in philosophy and religion that also draws from the many grassroots women’s, social justice and ecological movements of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. We explore spiritual and religious traditions in which the experiences of women are both immanent and transcendent, earth-and-sky embedded, and embodied in the web of being. We seek to advance the conversation that explores the spirituality of women and its significance in personal, social, and global contexts.

Our program honors the spiritual impulse to redress the suppression of the sacred feminine and the oppression of women, and we join with those who seek to end the exploitation of marginalized social groups, and to reverse the ecological suffering of the Earth and its many species.

We provide students with rigorous academic training, embodied learning experiences, and a community of engaged scholars. We support students on a journey of spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth so that they may be agents of interpersonal, social, and cultural transformation. Our graduates are leaders, scholars, healers, creators, and visionaries.