Miri Hunter Haruach

Miri Hunter Haruach

Guest Speaker
Women's Spirituality

Dr. Haruach is an Adjunct Professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. She is also a Lecturer in the LEAP Program at St. Mary's College (Los Angeles Campus).

PROJECT SHEBA was started in 2002 in Berkeley California by Miri Hunter Haruach. It began its not for profit work in Los Angeles in 2007. Dr. Haruach did her doctoral work on the Queen of Sheba. Through her research, teaching, writing and performing she connected with her ancient ancestral roots by tapping into streams of genetic memory. Taking the Wisdom stories of the Queen of Sheba as well as studying various other Wisdom traditions throughout the world, she re-searched and developed an oracle and meditation system which grounds the individual in the present moment while connecting to the multidimensionality of the Divine, thereby opening the student to an awareness of his/her own unique creativity, strength, freedom and, of course, beauty. Project Sheba honors everyone's spiritual path. It serves as a way to deepen connection to Divinity.

PROJECT SHEBA: The Mission of PROJECT SHEBA is to  provide access to personal wisdom one story at a time .



Josephine by Miri Hunter Haruach

A short story about love gone wrong.




"It Would be Enough"

A love song based the text from the Song of Songs