Women's Spirituality

Women's Spirituality

The Women's Spirituality program is located at the intersection of Women/Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies, Philosophy, and Religion. Our program honors the spiritual impulse to redress the suppression of the sacred feminine and the oppression of women. We join with those who seek to end the exploitation of marginalized social groups and address the suffering of the Earth and its many species. Our faculty is internationally known and includes many pioneers in the interdisciplinary field of Women’s Spirituality.

Our curriculum provides courses in three major areas of emphasis:

  • Women and World Religions
  • Feminist and Ecofeminist Philosophy and Activism
  • Women’s Mysteries, Sacred Arts, and Healing

We are the first MA and PhD program to integrate the following areas of knowledge and practice:

Reverence for the Sacred Feminine, whether understood as Goddess, Grandmother, Shakti, Sacred Woman, and/or the Feminine Face of God. We recognize and honor dark women divinities, elemental female powers and sacred ancestors, and mother-daughter-grandmother spiritual traditions found in a variety of cultures around the world. We encourage interfaith dialogues between Goddess and God faith traditions, and/or the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, as well as between women, men and other genders.

Womanist, feminist/ecofeminist, mujerista, and postcolonial scholarship. We honor diverse life experiences, ways of knowing, and spiritual practices. Scholarship in this area includes the submerged beliefs of subaltern cultures; resistance to sexism, heterosexism, classism, racism, colonialism, and ecological destruction; and spiritually-based activism.

Sacred arts and embodied wisdom. We explore women’s mysteries and life cycles; women’s sexuality, healing and empowerment; and artistic expressions including music, dance, ritual, and literature. We take an integral perspective on the relationship among mind, body, spirit and community.

Our spiritual community welcomes all women-affirming religious and spiritual traditions whether they are mystical and ineffable, nature-and-earth-based, Goddess and/or God-centered, egalitarian, body-affirming, and/or liberatory. Our program is situated in a matrix of respect for the mystical heart at the core of all religions, and for the many roles and options that women are creating within diverse religious, philosophical, academic, and artistic traditions around the world.