Graduate Dissertation Titles

Graduate Dissertation Titles



Mary Lydia Aebischer

“An Organic Inquiry into the Sacred Stories on the Virgin of Guadalupe: Narratives of Transformation in the Latina/Chicana Borderland Consciousness”

Don Arispe

“Encounters with Wisdom: A Case Study of Community Worker Reflection Circles in San Antonio, TX”

Crete Brown

“Unsettling” the Bear River Massacre: A Transformative Learning and Action Project Utilizing Indigenous Worldviews and Ceremonial Elements”

Monique Ann Duphily

“Transforming Relationships: A Qualitative Analysis of Westerners’ Experience of Reciprocity with the Natural World”

Kendra Marie Harris

Cultural Genocide by Western Education: A Transdisciplinary Study of Pragmatics in New Orleans”

Rien Havens

“Adult Development and Wellbeing”

Marsha Roberts Hopkins

“Play in the Lives of Creative Individuals: An Arts Based Exploration”

Robert Kezer

Integral Nonviolent Conflict: Reframing the Idea of Civil Resistance against Violent Oppression”

Peter Richard le Breton

“The Farther Reaches of Human Learning: An Interpretative Study of Mastery”

Bisola Marignay

“Everyday Life: A Critical Ethnography of a Community Caring for Children under Assault in Schools”

Seth Thomas Miller

“Toward an Aesthetic Epistemology: Transforming Thinking through Cybernetic Epistemology and Anthroposophy”

Carol Marie Oberg

“Reframing Dementia Care as Joint Performance and Improvisational Practice: A Theroretical Perspective”

Angela Reed

“Qualitative Research in Empowering Young Visionaries: Unleashing Young People’s Innate Wisdom and Creative Potential”

Michael Shabaka–Aaron

“Black in America: Formerly Incarcerated & Never Incarcerated”

Charles H. Silverstein

“Contemplative Practices and Orders of Consciousness: A Constructive-Developmental Approach”

Rachel M. Sowell Keil

“Visualizing Change: A Narrative Inquiry on How Designers Represent and Prototype Their Intangible Design Ideas”

Rebecca Ruth Watford

“Architectural Space: In Search of Sensory Balance for Contemporary Spaces”

Marguerite Anne Welch

“What’s It Like to Be White?:  Understanding the Decision to Learn About Being White”



Margaret DiMarco Allen

"An Integral-Appreciative Co-Paradigm Study of Leadership and Effectiveness at a Public Service Agency: The Rockford Park District from 1972 – 2006"

Jocelyn Elizabeth Chapman

"Teaching into the Heart of Knowing in Online Education: Aesthetics and Pragmatics"

Wanella – Bola Cofield

"Learning Circle – Sacred Space: A Case Study of African America Women Cultivating a Self-Loving Attitude in the Midst of Systemic Oppression"

Crystallee Rene Crain

"Exploring the Impact of Community and State Violence among Black Women in Oakland"

Denis Martinez Criado

"An Integral Approach to Evolving Consciousness: Painting and Poetry 1890 - 1955"

Leilie Kaye First

"Creativity in theoretical Physics: A Situational Analysis of the Fifth Solvay Council on Physics, 1927"

Margaret Ruth Frimoth

"Breaking Silence, Shifting Culture: A Partnership Model of Intentional Safety for Child Survivors of Sexual Abuse"

Sister Joy

"Medical Doctors’ Views on Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Moving toward Integrative and Equitable Healthcare in Arkansas"

Nancy Kresin-Price

"Building Warmth Sculpture in the Student-Teacher Relationship: Goethean Observation and Contemplative Practice in an Action Research Inquiry"

Benedict L. Louie

"Application of a Grief Model and Buddhist Psychology Dealing with Grieving, Loss, and Suffering"

Regina Lutrell

"Social Networking Sites in the Public Relations Classroom: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Undergraduate Learning Outcomes Using Wordpress, Facebook, and Twitter"

Charles McAuley

"Promethean Mythopoetics and Evolutionary Consciousness: The Theoretical Journey through the Realms of Metaphor, Media, and Mind"

Ayodele Nzinga

"Performing Literacy: A Narrative Inquiry into Performance Pedagogy in a Marginalized Community"

Kenneth Otter

"What Difference Does It Make? A Qualitative Inquiry into Longer-Term Outcomes of a Transformative Education in Relational Leadership"

Damaur Cummings Quander

"A Nation within a Nation: An Organic Study of the Black Matriarchy as a Social Construct of Black Survival in Contrast to the Moynihan Report"

Lynne Hedrick Roff

"Anomalous Experience in the Performing Arts: A Transdisciplinary Encounter"

Mary Rolison

"How Human Service Workers Maintain a Positive Perspective"

Charles Silverstein

"Contemplative Practices and Orders of Consciousness: A Constructive-Developmental Approach"

Penelope Ann Thronson

"Crossing between the Father’s House and the Mother’s House; The Journey of a Long-Term Leaderless Women’s Group"

Sally Wilcox

"A Fractal Topology of the Transcendent Experience"

Laura Wilson

"Enchanted Words, Enchanted Worlds: A Theoretical Examination of Fantasy Literature and Re-enchantment"

Robert Wright Jr.

"The Role of Endogenous Cyclic Nitric Oxide Spiking in Motherloss and Existential Grief Recovery: A Modified Neuropsychological and Psychophysiological Heuristic Self Search Inquiry Approach to Stress reduction, Homeostasis, and Healing"

John Yeomans

"The Theory of Evoking Conditioned Presence: A Grounded Theory Study"


Elisa Audo

"The Experience of Mind-Body Bridging as a Treatment for Domestic Violence Offenders"

David Borsos 

"The Esoteric Philosophy of Alice A. Bailey: Ageless Wisdom for a New Age"

Sheri Chow 

"Best Practices in Student Recruitment: A Case Study of Eleven Practitioners at Seven Alternative Graduate Schools"

Julien Porter Devereux 

"Transformative Experiences of Long-Term Recovering Alcoholics: A Cooperative Inquiry"

Armand Diaz

"Divination as a Life Path in Contemporary America: An In-depth Exploration of the World of Psychic Mediums"

Maureen Dolan

"Body, Mind, Spirit: Twelve Juicy Stories of Transformation from Yoga Practice in Higher Education"

John Duvall

"Peak Oil and Transition: The Making of a Documentary Video"

Anna Gatmon 

"Education towards Wholeness: Facilitating Spiritual Knowing in Adult Learners"

Judith Glick-Smith

"The Path of the Razor’s Edge: An Examination of the Flow of Experiences of Firefighters"

Catherine Hillary Keeney

"Circular Poetics: Cybernetics, Zen Koans, and the Art of Creative, Transformative Pedagogy"

Sarah Kerr 

"Dreams, Rituals, and the Creation of Sacred Objects: An Inquiry into a Contemporary Western Shamanic Initiation"

Joe Mageary

“Rise Above/We’re Gonna Rise Above”: A Qualitative Inquiry into the Use of Hardcore Punk Culture as a Context for the Development of Preferred Identities"

Joy Meeker

"Engaging Emotions and Practicing Conflict: Emotions and Teaching Toward Social Justice"

Melissa Murray

"Civilian Leadership in a Public Safety Organization: A Collaborative Inquiry among a Group of Public Safety Dispatch Supervisors"

Jeanine Olund

"Women of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: A Qualitative Exploration into Factors of Success"

Nika Newcomb Quirk

"Open Yet Unbroken: We Emerge as a Circle of Women Leaders through an Artful Action Inquiry"

Aparna Ramaswamy

"Natya Yoga – The Yoga of Bharatha Natyam"

Stacey Starling 

"Competing Goodness: Perceptions of Person-Centered Culture Change Within Human Service Agencies."

James Uhl 

"Experiences and Insights on Masculinity by Former Navy Seals in Their Military and Civilian Lives"

Barbara Widhalm 

"Nature as Guide for Vibrant Learning – A Living Systems Framework for Academic Learning Experience Design toward a Thriving Sustainable World"


Yene Assigid

"African Leadership: Perspectives of Twenty Senior African Leaders and Heads of State"

Karen Braun

"Social Entrepreneurs: Identifying the Personal Motivations and Values of Successful Project Leaders"

Amy Crawford

"Pursuit of the Higher Self: Stories of Personal and Spiritual Transformation Shared by Adventure Athletes"

Christine Haberkorn

"The Dialogic Self: How Conceptual Artists Recognize and Describe  Transcendent Moments with a Creative Unconscious"

Bessie Marie Katsilometes

"The Call to Pilgrimage: A Journey into Sacred Space and Time"

Deborah LeFalle

"The Role of Personal Strengths in Academic Success: View and Voices of Resilient Community College Students"

Jeffery Allyn Martin

"Ego Development Stage Does Not Predict Persistent Non-symbolic Experience"

Wendy Mason

"The Transformative Potential of Transdisciplinarity for Nurse Practitioner Students and Nurse Educators: A Theoretical Analysis"

Virginia May

"Down-to-Earth Women Searching for Eco-Sustainability: An Arts-based Co-operative Inquiry"

Colm McAindriu

"An Epistemology of Love as a Sacred Way of Knowing: A Heuristic Self-search Inquiry"

Patricia McFarlane

"Performing the “Other” in Religious Community: An Inquiry among American Mennonite Women"

Matt Oppenheim

"Panimatzalam’s Voice of Transformation; A Case Study of an Indigenous Mayan Writing Project Focused on Indigenous Community Development"

Teddie Michelle Potter

"Reconstructing a New Story of Nursing: Critical Analysis of Nursing  Textbooks using Riane Eisler’s Partnership Paradigm"

Mujah L. Shakir

"Ancestral Voices of the Living Rise Up and Claim Your Bird of Passage:  Tuskgee-Macon County Women and the U.S. Public Health Service Syphilis Study: An Oral History Project"

Jennifer Simon

"The Cost of Logical Empiricism from Inception to Present for Child Psychology"                                            


Mary Meeker Alber

"IMAP: Integral Self-Awareness Mapping Process: A Study to Evolve a Method for Consciousness Development"

Maria F. Albergato

"Transforming the Perception/Experience of Body Image in Women Traumatized by Breast Cancer"

Carmen Arth

"Mapping the Footprints of Spirit: An Intuitively Adaptive Narrative Inquiry"

Eric Berkowitz

"Theater as a Tool for Transformation: Identifying the Aspects of a High School Collaborative Theater Process That Encourage Self-Development"

Bryon Dan Crowe
"I Ain't Fattening Frogs for Snakes: An Inquiry Into the Application of Creativity Research to Teach Practice"

Maryanne A. Fazio-Fox

"The IMAGINE model: A Web-Based Transdisciplinary Curricular Model to Build Learner Capacities That Encourage a Culture of Peace"

Ruth M. Lamb

"Healing as Yoga Sadhana: A Subtle Energy Approach to Addiction Treatment"

Doreen Maller

"Juvenile Offenders to Reformed Women: A Narrative Analysis of Transformative Change"

Terri L. Reasoner

"Using Participation in an Online Community to Support Living and Coping with Chronic Disease: A Narrative Inquiry"

Harold Reich

"A Qualitative Study of Heart-Mind Coherence Techniques for Stress Relief and Mental and Emotional Self-Management"

Surinder Gill Saeltzer

"My Sikh Mother and I: The Way We Are in America"

Rachel Elizabeth Seiler

"Potent Crossroads: An Inquiry at the Intersection of U2's Music and the Progressive Awareness of Their Listener'"

Thomas Milton Shaw III

"Reclaiming and Reconstructing Our Lady of Guadalupe: A Symbol of Transformation and Empowerment for Latina/Chicana Lesbians"

Rona K. Zollinger

"A Case Study of Transformative Education in Action: Partnership Education for Stability"


Peter Avanti

"Modernity Legato: Black, White, and Blues"

Fatima Bustos-Choy

"Narratives on the Impact of Colonialism on the Lives of Modern-Day Filipino American Women in the Workplace"

Craig Elliott

"Raising Change: Fathering as a Feminist Experience"

Shahara Lauren Etta Godfrey

"Bearing Witness: An Organic Inquiry Into What Reveals Itself to Seven African American Women Visual Artists Who Gather to Talk Story Through Art"

Marjory L. Hamann

"Seeing What Is: An Organic Inquiry into the Experience of Living Mindfully with White Privilege"

Mary Beth Gajewski Moze
"A Theory of Surrender: Understanding Psychological Surrender with Comparison to Ego Defense"

Paige L.Parker

"A Critical Theory of African American Potentiality"

Glenn Aparicio Parry

"SEED Graduate Institute: An Original Model of Transdisciplinary Education Informed by Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Dialogue"

Pamelaia Sanders

"The Resurgence of the Soul's Inner Wellspring of Knowledge: Remembering, Reclaiming, and Embracing Cultural and Spiritual Wisdom"

Donna Stoneham

"Changing Practices, Transforming Paradigms: An Appreciative Approach to Developing Integral Leaders"

Wong, Cathy L.

"Filling The Void: An Autoethnographic Study of a Transracial Adoptee"

Elizabeth M. Koffman

"An Organic Inquiry into Intentional Motherhood Through Pregnancy and Childbirth: Stories from Lesbian Mothers"

Debra Mater

"Exploring Aspects of a Forgotten Knowledge: A First-Hand, Experiential Investigation Into Trans- Rational Knowing"

William Morris

"Chinese Pulse Diagnosis: Epistemology, Practice and Tradition"

Constance Scharff

"Filling the God-Shaped Hole: Reframing Alcoholism as an Opportunity or Spiritual Transformation"

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Kathleen Brown

"Writing Our Way Home: A Life History Study of African American Women Writers of the Nineteenth Century Who Grew to Adulthood Enslaved"

Lily Fessenden

"On the Way to Interbeing: A Cooperative Inquiry"

Portia Naomi Hopkins

"Reconstructing the Reader: Towards a Theory of Engaged Reading"

Tony Kashani

"Cinema for Transformation: Towards a Pedagogy of Social Change"

Kathy A. Kelly

"Rekindling Indigenous Minds: An Ethnoautobiographical Inquiry of Transformation"

Karyn Lazarus

"Integral Community: The Experience of Soul in Everyday"

Dane Gregory Reese

"Authentic Education: Applying Principles from Authentic Movement to Educational Theory and Practice"

Susan Ross

"The Integration of Transformation: A Cooperative Inquiry Among Women After Transformative Travel"

Kathleen A. Shanel

"Stories of Being Heard- An Organic Inquiry Exploration Into a Transpersonal, Transformative Experience"

Taj Toni Johns

"We Are Self Affirming Soul Healing Africans"

Suzanne M. Pereira

"Case Study of Women in Recovery: A Transformative Journey of Recovery from Alcohol and Other Drug Dependencies"


Jeanine M. Canty

"Ecological Healing: Shifting from a Scarcity Consciousness"

Christine Carter

"What is the Experience of Leaders Who Transcend Organizational Paradox? A Phenomenological Inquiry"

Betty Anne Frey

"Discerning Life with Dreams: The Triadic Relationship Between Dreams, Discernment, and Spiritual Intelligence"

Folarinde Christiana Harrison

"What Can I, A Ghanian Woman, Tell About Survival and Flourishing in America When I Hear the Stories of My Peers Through Kronkrontsee (Spiritual Listening)?"

Diane Marie Horton

"How Can the Dreamer be Reconciled with Everyday Reality?"

Melissa Jones

"Mid-Career Corporate Women in Dialogue: What it Means to be in Effective Control of Career Development and Management Efforts"

Gabrielle Pelicci

"Portraits of Her: A Narrative Analysis of the Life Stories of Five Women Healers"

Helen Roads

"A Spirituality Informed Intervention to Address Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Holistically"

Joanna Zweig
"Group Coherence: A Cooperative Inquiry"


Anne Adams

"Education: From Conception to Graduation-A Systemic, Integral Approach"

Lorna Beretta

"A Practical Example of Action Research: A Case Study"

Lori Clinchard-Sepeda

"Through Her Eyes: A Case Study of Women's Experience of Pregnancy and Childbirth with Out-of-Hospital Midwifery Care"

Sister Guadalupe Guajardo

"Leadership at the Margins of Society: Practices in a Shifting Paradigm"

Lisa Herzig

"The Meaning(s) of a Menopausal Woman's Voice"

Gregorio Rivera

"An Evolutionary Learning Community: How Artscience Emerges through Evolutionary Systems Design"

Matthew J. Taylor

"Re-membering Backpain: Discovering the Gaps in our Self-Care through a Participatory Back School"

Dominica Lord-Wood

"Creating Expression among Women"

Charles L. Trull

"Toward a Deeper Understanding of the Effects of Long-Term Practice of Ceremonial Sexuality"

Daisy Nelson White

'Every Body is a Star: Creating Family Cosmology"

Martha Brumbaugh Jacobsen

"Out of the Mists: An Organic Inquiry into Sacred Ways of Knowing and the Shaping of Reality"

Angela Gayle Cherry

"Teaching from the Inside Out: Teaching Practices and Lived Experiences of African American Women Teachers Who Taught in the Segregated South"